Posted by: beckbamberger | March 25, 2013

Meet Nicolette, BAM’s newest intern!

From Sunnyvale to San Diego, Nicolette is a true California
girl. Her love of beaches, hot weather and laid-back lifestyle was enough to
convince her to stay in San Diego for college. Nicolette obtained her B.A. from
San Diego State University in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies and
a minor in English where she strived in her classes learning the basics of
journalism, advertising, and social media. Her hard work and dedication even
landed her on the Dean’s List. During her last semester of college, Nicolette
was hired as an intern for new social media website, Likeability. During her
internship, she helped market the website, create content, and contribute her
ideas for the design and functionality of the website layout. As a recent
college graduate, Nicolette is excited to explore all aspects of media and dive
into the professional world.
In her spare time you can catch Nicolette planning a getaway
trip, listening to music, or hanging out with friends and family.


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