Posted by: beckbamberger | October 11, 2012

Facebook’s new ‘want’ button and what it means for brand pages

Facebook dropped some hints last year that its “Like” button would be morphing into a series of more specific descriptions of how a user interacts with content and media on the site and elsewhere. This change is now in full effect with the new feature, “Collections.” Collections is a way for companies to format image posts of products to facilitate easy sales through Facebook. Just think-Pinterest on Facebook.

A Facebook spokeswoman told that the button is meant to help business engage with customers2. Similar to Pinterest’s Pin Boards, the collect button allows a person to generate a page of cool images of products. The companies currently on board include Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Smith Optics, and Facebook’s latest “Collections” feature, with “Want” and “Collect” buttons for users to add products to wish lists on their Timelines, is definitely a new opportunity for brand pages. For example, brands now have easier tracking of consumer’s interests. Not to mention, should direct-purchasing be pushed by the new Facebook Want button, Facebook will become the largest online social market in the world. The company has recently reached one billion users, and a market this huge is bound to have transactions within and through it via the new Want feature. This feature definitely reflects the social network’s new approach to building marketing products that serve specific brands.

As we saw with the roll out of the new timeline in early 2012, Facebook’s new Collections feature will gradually be offered to 100 percent of its U.S. users. Tell us, what do you think of this new function? Will you be using it?




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