Posted by: beckbamberger | July 30, 2012

Making the Most of Social Media

Today, social media is constant in all of our lives and let’s be honest, sometimes we spend a little too much time scrolling through our newsfeeds. Of course Facebook, Twitter and the like are good for much more than just procrastination.

BAM attended a social media seminar at Hive Haus recently, and here are a few interesting tidbits we learned from Gayle Falkenthal, owner of the Falcon Valley PR Group.

In San Diego alone, there are more than 1.5 million users on Facebook and .25 million on Twitter. These channels provide marketers with the perfect platform to cater to a wider audience. So, how can you and your clients make the most of these powerful communication tools? 

Here are some tips to help you master social media:

1.)  Listen to your audience. This is the most important rule of social media. Absorb feedback – how are people responding? Pay close attention to what your customers have to say! Keep in mind, reaching people is about a conversation.

2.)  Be on the alert for objections. Use social media as an early warning system for complaints. If someone tells you about an issue, it gives you the opportunity to fix it. If you’re not sure if something works, don’t be afraid to test it out a few times. If a new social media tactic works three times in a row then it’s safe to say the tactic is successful.

3.)  Engage your audience. Contests and offers are a great way to create a community and get audiences involved. Share tips and expert advice or ask users what they think – by creating dialogue, you can interact with your audience and make them feel connected. 

4.)  Determine your goals. What specific actions are you seeking from your audience? Do you want them to buy a product, make a donation, vote, modify their behavior, etc.? Definitive goals will help you establish what you want and how you will get it.

5.)  Take advantage of image sharing. Photos and videos can communicate ideas efficiently and creatively. Use them to create some personality and an identity that audiences will respond to. Include your client’s watermark or logo on pictures of a product so that photos are easily attributed to them.

6.)  Be mindful of your client. Not everyone is eager to use social media, so make sure that the client is aware of the benefits and remind them that the common denominator is about reaching your audience and potential customers.

Try out these tips next time you are using social media and let us know which are the most helpful! Do you have any other pointers for our list?


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