Posted by: beckbamberger | June 29, 2012

To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

Our firm pitches quite a bit more now since we’ve brought on more clients and being savvy with this skill is a requirement in our trade. So how do you go about pitching successfully? We took a gander at PRDaily’s “Pitching dos and don’ts every PR pro should follow.” First of all, we agree with the beginning sentence – “Media relations is a lot like dating.”

Below are tips pulled together from writers Lauren Bloomberg, Angel Antin and Amy Cao; and editors Jenny Miller (Grub Street/New York Magazine,) Maggie Hoffman (Serious Eats), Andrea Bartz (Whole Living), and Jacqueline Wasilczyk (

Media relations dos

1. Do understand the types of stories media outlets look for and tailor your pitch.

2. Do send products, if the publication doesn’t have a policy against accepting gifts.

3. Do meet up with media.

4. Do offer exclusives that reflect the publication’s need.

5. Do email instead of call.

6. Do keep emails brief.

7. Do go through connections if you have them.

8. Do include the date on every document you create.

9. Do let a writer know if you pitched her editor.

10. Do consider the types of sources the outlet requires.

11. Do understand a journalist’s obsession with accurate reporting

Media relations don’ts

1. Don’t make the pitch too specific.

2. Don’t send images unless the reporter asks for them.

3. Don’t send packages without checking first.

4. Don’t contact media via Twitter.

5. Don’t include large attachments, period.

6. Don’t suggest a quick meeting before you give information.

7. Don’t be afraid to email the reporter to ask a quick question

8. Don’t pitch made-up holidays

9. Don’t target the same person more than three times.

10. Don’t show up at the writer’s house with a pitch.

Thanks for the great tips, PRDaily!

Of the dos and don’ts listed above, which are you most inclined to do?


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