Posted by: beckbamberger | April 26, 2012

How-to on Measuring Your PR Success

We love hearing about the successes of other companies. We learn about the situation, reflect on how well our company and/or clients are doing and make the necessary changes. We develop the way we handle certain situations to work towards “PR success.”

Rachel Meranus,’s “PR” columnist and vice president of public relations at PR Newswire, gives a great breakdown of how to measure your PR success, below.

She states that PR isn’t just a numbers game, nor is it just about media coverage. To achieve long-term PR value, you need to embrace qualitative factors, such as relationships, awareness and positive perception. And while traditional tools are useful, less obvious measurements can help paint a more detailed, colorful and accurate picture.

So what should we look at, according to Meranus?

1. Your company’s reporter relationships
2. The internal processes (i.e. how you speak to the media and send out news releases)
3. How your company and/or clients are mentioned in competitor articles
4. How you manage crises
5. Increase of sales activity and market share

How do you measure your PR success?

To see Rachel’s article in depth, please see it here.


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