Posted by: beckbamberger | April 19, 2012

Amount of Facebook Users May Decrease?

A good number of our clients at BAM Communications use Facebook as a way to reach their audience. So, when we have the opportunity to read studies, we take them into consideration and use the information wisely. Today, we just read “One in five Facebook users say they use the social networking site less now than they did a year ago” according to Of course, it is noted that this study took place in the U.K. but why not take a glance at the findings?

Just a snapshot of the article’s information states that Facebook launched in Feb. 2004, and in Dec. 2011 gained as much as 845 million monthly active users. The U.K. research highlighted “who are its most committed fans, but also shows that some of its users are no longer so keen and have already left, or plan to do so soon.”

Looking at the people you can best target on the site, David Cole, managing director of fast.MAP which carried out the research says: “Facebook users are most likely to belong to the much-publicised ‘stretched-middle’ income group – 70 percent of those earning £25,000 to £39,999 use it; along with 61 percent of those who earn less and 57 percent of those who earn more; although this includes only 51 percent of those in the over-£70,000 bracket.”

Converting the information from European euros to American dollars so you can get a better understanding: 70 percent of those earning $32,851 to $52,561 ( are a part of the ‘stretched-middle’ income group.

Other information from this article include:

    • Two thirds of adult females use it
    • More than half of males
    • About eight out of ten 16 to 44-year-olds, (ideal medium for messages targeted at the young to middle-aged)

Overall, looking towards the future, this study concludes that “just three percent of users plan to use it a lot more, which compares unfavorably with the 18 percent who plan to use it a lot less.”
Read the article in its entirety here.

Do you think this study is a strong predictor of Facebook’s Internet reign? Why or why not?


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