Posted by: beckbamberger | March 8, 2012

Public Relations Interns: What They Should and Shouldn’t Do

At BAM Communications, we have interns that come in and learn about the ins and outs of marketing and public relations. If your business is thinking about having interns, present the following tips written by Lorra M. Brown:



Don’t ever enter a meeting, even an informal drop by from your manager, without a notebook and pen.

Don’t be afraid to tell your manager you’d like to be busy—ask for more work.

Don’t be a social media or text addict, checking your status and phone can wait.

Don’t leave for lunch or at the end of the day without checking with your boss or peers to see if they need help with anything before you go.

Don’t decorate your cube with college party pictures; you are a working adult now.

Don’t party. You may be at a fun work function or event, but you are working (regardless of how much fun your bosses may seem to be having).



Do proofread everything. No matter how mundane the task or email may seem, attention to detail and pride of ownership will pay off.

Do take initiative and come up with ideas for projects, pitches, organization, etc. Show your value. Great ideas can come from anywhere, including the intern.

Do ask questions and ask for clarification if you are unsure of an assignment. Asking your manager to help you prioritize is wise, too.

Do provide short check-in emails or updates to your manager regarding the status of projects.

Do solicit feedback and ask for areas in which you need to improve.

Do treat this as a job audition. Most companies are looking at you as a possible future colleague.


Which of the statements above do you agree and disagree with? Why?


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