Posted by: beckbamberger | February 16, 2012

PR Regulations: Will This Happen in the USA?

According to PR Daily’s article, the Lords Communications Committee in the UK has said PR has an “adverse impact” on investigative journalisms. It recommended a “stringent code of behaviour” for people in the industry. “It is very much an unregulated activity, and there is currently no comprehensive system of self-regulation,” the report said.

“This has highlighted the real need for the responsible PR industry to strengthen its internal system of self-regulation, and thereby increase public confidence in their industry and their work.”
The 76-page report, released on Thursday, also drew attention to journalists’ use of press releases.

Read more about the report and what it had to say about PR at the Press Gazette.

What is your take on more regulations in the pr industry and should this stem into the USA?


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