Posted by: beckbamberger | October 25, 2011

Food and Beverage Trends to be Looking For Next Year

LANE PR, a national public relations agency, announced the results of its third annual survey of food and beverage professionals from coast to coast. According to the LANE PR U.S. Food and Beverage Trends Report: 2012 Outlook, the top trends to watch for in the coming year include a relatively exotic choice of meat for American palates: goat; as well as efficient, nutrient-packed vegetables: greens. Some more trends include:

– A variety of peppers as a way to spice up dishes, from an old standby like black pepper to more complex smoked paprika or Spanish pimento
– Simple meals can be made special with the addition of an artisan product, with unique cheeses, honey and vinegars
-A revival among Bordeaux varietals, including Carmenere, Merlot and Sauvignon blanc, to name a few
-Experimenting in brewing will continue, particularly in creating flavored beers
– Fresh herbs and vegetables will be found behind the bar as ingredients for cocktails
– Fussy buzzwords like foodie, locavore and molecular gastronomy are on their way out
– Comforting buzzwords like homegrown, homemade and local are on their way in

Read about more of this article about upcoming food trends here.


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