Posted by: beckbamberger | May 2, 2011

Guide to Blogging

The role of public relations professionals in this chatty puzzle is to help companies build, shape and fine-tune their public voice. Many PR campaigns aren’t complete without a blog strategy. Here are a few tools to help you begin:

  • When setting up your blog, get help to make sure your blog will effectively work the way you need it.
  • Your SEO practices should have a very simple goal: rank high in search results for the things that your client’s customers are looking for. You want to pick one keyword topic per post, mentioning it once in the post title and once in the body of the post. Be sure to link important words to past posts as well, but keep it to one or two internal links at most.
  • As you work together with your client to determine the content and focus of the blog, you should ask two key questions: who is going to read it and what kinds of topics and issues do they care the most about?

Read more tips for blogging in this article.


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