Posted by: beckbamberger | February 28, 2011

Spa and Beauty PR Trends

Spa public relations is unique in the sense that it costs very little to get the process initiated if managed correctly. The return on your nominal investment can be high; some spas have been able to renovate, expand into multiple locations and launch their own branded line all due to the media coverage that resulted in more and more clients. The best advice is to avoid dumping all of your energy into one media channel, such as radio or online with social media. Try a 360° approach where you’re reaching your new consumer in print, online and with broadcast.

From magazines, newspapers, television and radio to websites and blogs, consumers seek out information from multiple sources. You will want something close to the following.

  • Magazines: 3–10 a month
  • Television: 1–3 shows per quarter
  • Web/blogs: 4–10 a month
  • Radio: 2–4 shows per quarter

Read more about spa and beauty PR.


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