Posted by: beckbamberger | January 7, 2011

The Shake Weight

“As Seen On TV” commercials are an American tradition.  The Shake Weight is one of the newest, most contagious advertisements that has people everywhere talking. If you are not familiar, The Shake Weight is a “revolutionary” new fitness product that uses a back-and-forth motion to work out the entire arm and promises to tone up flab quick.

Intentional or not, Shake Weight commercials have created media frenzy. The comical advertisements show women demonstrating how to use the product, but the visual is suggestive of more than just an arm workout. The ads went viral soon after the Shake Weight hit the market, and hundreds of parodies followed thereafter.

The masterminds behind Shake Weight know what they’re doing. These comical commercials have greatly aided the product’s public relations. Company execs wisely created Twitter and Facebook handles for Shake Weight, each with thousands of fans and followers. By doing this, they’ve immortalized the brand and have been able to secure a loyal fan base that will continue to popularize the Shake Weight.

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