Posted by: beckbamberger | September 16, 2009

CEO Interview with Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

Here’s a CEO Interview with Dan Heese, CEO of Sprint.  Hesse discusses the evolution of wireless technology, the idea of a portable “hockey puck” that broadcasts high-speed broadband to various electronic devices, the Nextel merger and other topics.



  1. I like Dan Hesse. I thought that his commercials weren’t bad, but no one liked em’.

    Could I ask that you respond on my blog to this?

    Dan Hesse, joined Sprint/Nextel at the brink of bankruptcy. He kept them away, and moved them forward. Now in March 2010, we have stemmed the loss of customers, Clear WiMax is full-fledged, and expanding, and Sprint’s Satisfaction Ratings are going up across the board.

    If he can do this for Sprint, what do you think he could do for this country, as President of the United States?

  2. I would like to contact Dan Heese’s Secretary either via email or phone. Please advise.

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