Posted by: beckbamberger | March 27, 2009

9 Media Interview tips

I like this ezine article I dug up by Brian Feinblum.  Brian offers some tips on doing CEO or media interviews and I’m not sure I agree with them all, but they do paint a compelling interviewee.  Check out tip #5:

“Create an enemy. Put every conversation in the context of good vs. evil., new vs. old, us vs. them, etc. Enemies are everywhere. If you’re talking about personal finance, vilify government bailout and corporate greed; if you discuss a disease, you want to eradicate it; if you want to help parents be better at raising kids your enemy can be a situation (kids whining while you’re driving). There’s no end to finding a villain– it can be a person, group, ideology, circumstance, fate –whatever.”


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