Posted by: beckbamberger | January 27, 2009

PR Tip: Good Subject lines

This excerpt from Outlook Power is written with spunk and humor, and is so on point. Check out the whole posting here. Here’s the piece about how important subject lines are:

Bonehead mistake #7: subject line says “press release” and nothing else
We get press releases on everything from toasters to tacos, and only when a press release is related to the areas we cover will we pay attention. Want to see some great press release subjects? Here are a few:

* Press Release: O&O Defrag V8.5: Restores Maximum System Performance During Break Time
* No Starch Press releases “The Art of RAW Conversion”
* Verizon Wireless and Palm Announce Treo 700p Smartphone Now Available
* ACCESS Releases Trial Version of NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC
* [Pitch] Are You One Mouse-Click Away From PC Danger?

Once again, we won’t bother to read the release if we don’t know what it’s about. Especially since most of you who do this also include your release solely as a Word attachment. D’oh!


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