Posted by: beckbamberger | December 11, 2008

CEO Interview with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motors

The Wall Street Journal has been all over the Big 3’s very public cry for government assistance. Here’s a CEO interview with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, conducted by the Wall Street Journal. The article surrounds Mulally’s statement that he is “very concerned” for GM and Chrysler. Hmm. How about concerned for Ford? Obviously Mulally is, but this excerpt struck me as some balanced attempt to seem sympathetic but removed from his competitors’ issues.

Here’s one statement Mulally made:
“We are a in a different place” than other auto makers, Mr. Mulally said. “We believe we have sufficient liquidity to get through this recession. But if the economy continued to deteriorate and the industry continued to deteriorate, then even Ford might have to need a bridge loan also.”


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