Posted by: beckbamberger | December 10, 2008

Fox columnist says to Big 3: Fire your PR department

I just liked this post by Liz Peek, Financial Columnist of Fox News. Indeed, the private jets the Big 3 CEOs flew to Washington with was not a good image, PR folks, and one you knew the media would hound, along with members of Congress. But, Peek’s point is on: “You simply cannot make cars with an embedded cost structure of $70 an hour and hope to compete with others paying $40 an hour. That is the simple truth, and until industry and Congress admit to that, no amount of bailout will prevent another collapse down the road.”



  1. Really great article by Liz. She really examined all the underlying issues that the automobile companies face now and well into the future.

    The big three need to start thinking proactively and not retroactively, in order to get back on track and start making money instead of spending it.


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