Posted by: beckbamberger | November 19, 2008

5 Reasons why it’s the golden age of PR

PR Blogger brings us the top reasons why we need to look at PR again as not dead, but in its prime.

1. IT’S A HOT TOPIC OF CONVERSATION Never before has PR been discussed by so many people who don’t work in the industry. Admittedly not always in a good light, but you can’t deny the profession is a hot topic of conversation among the media, business people, marketers, bloggers and a whole host of different people.

2. CONSUMERS ARE MORE SAVVY THAN EVER BEFORE. Advertising doesn’t work like it once did – if it ever did – and, quite frankly, I don’t care about the latest razor David Beckham is pimping. Direct Mail? Nothing more than offline spam.

3. THE ADVENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS PERFECT FOR PR. The fundamentals of the profession are about establishing relationships and two-way communication – the very essence of social media. Bring it on.

4. BUDGETS ARE SHIFTING. Only narrowly but it’s still early days. Businesses are beginning to understand the value of long-term clear and authentic communication, as opposed to spending huge amounts on a one-off display ad.

5. REPUTATION HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT. In the age of globalisation, intrusive journalists, a cynical public and the ability for anyone to break news on a global platform, looking after reputation is just as important as looking after the balance sheet.

6. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT ONLINE! Please don’t be so insular in your outlook. Step away from the computer every once in a while; you may realize that PR works in many shapes and forms. Admittedly, not always for good (but one can say that about almost any profession)


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