Posted by: beckbamberger | September 23, 2008

Paying for PR-but only when it works

Here’s a story from the Wall Street Journal on the ups and downs one business owner had in her trials with PR companies. The article covers pay-per-play PR. Check out this excerpt:

“One approach that’s getting an increasing amount of attention is pay-per-placement PR. Critics point out, however, that it isn’t for everybody. For one thing, they say, many pay-per-placement firms usually won’t take on tasks other than pitching stories to the media. That means no strategy development, marketing or other work that many small businesses may need for an effective PR campaign.”

But check this out: “A story mentioning Le Gourmet’s donations of gift baskets to soldiers in Iraq was picked up by the Associated Press, which distributes articles to newspapers across the country. The PR firm charged Ms. McKay each time a newspaper picked up the story, for a total of about $11,000. She felt “nickel and dimed,” she says.”

Pay-for-Play models for PR still need quite some refinement, I think and can be viable for some businesses.


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