Posted by: beckbamberger | September 17, 2008

Tips for PR professionals

Jeremy Pepper, the guru behind POP! PR Jots, writes in a real, entertaining voice. Among his pleads for people to pick up the phone (imagine!), here are some of his tips for PR pros (or aspiring ones) today:

1. Develop relationships. If you are a PR person – at any level – and cannot call up a reporter (not email, but pick up the damn phone) and set up a lunch to talk … the you are not providing value. From the AAE to the SVP, you need to have relationships. If push comes to shove on a client deadline, everyone should pick up the phone and pitch and land a meeting. If the SVP is so detached from the media and client, what value is there?

2. Read. Not just blogs, but media. Traditional, social, new – be on a steady diet of media, so you think beyond today’s news and come up with trend pieces and stories.

3. Think beyond today. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. It’s the long term strategies that work, not the panic. A good PR person never sweats, never panics but is calm.

4. For the PR bloggers that are calling for PR to be dead – if you believe that the industry needs to change, go to your local college and teach a session or two. Mentor students that email you – if memory serves, I have responded to and helped every college student that has written to me (War Eagle, my favorite PITAs) – both in the US and internationally. Instead of bitching about the state of PR, go do something.


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