Posted by: beckbamberger | September 12, 2008

Sensitive PR

Blogger Kyle Flaherty takes a look at what can happen internally at your office with documents of a sensitive nature. Think of it as office public relations, if you will. Here are some of his tips but you can read the piece here:

* Minimize the amount of people who touch these communications. Sure it’s always nice to involve a bunch of folks because you want to be nice, but STOP it and own it yourself. Not everyone has to see everything and it will protect more people at the end of the day.
* Put these documents on your hard drive, not the network. Reduce the chance for people to find it and/or send it out by mistake.
* Don’t push it over email as a file or copy. If someone needs to review it print it out (don’t worry about the trees in this case).
* Please don’t leave it on your desk…and yes, this does happen.
* Place passwords and privacy restrictions on the document. Sure these are not full-proof but they are easy enough to do using Microsoft Word and of course your file server permissions.
* Don’t send to a newswire until the last possible minute.


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